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Calculation and selection of financial planning

Example $10,000 annual return on investment

1.Firt small plan 0.88% HOURLY For 120 Hours--ROI(Return On Investment)--0.88%x120hours=105.6% per 5 days =133.6% per(30days) month =503.2% per 12 months
So $10000 invest in First small plan will total return $50,320
2.Second Plan 1.83% HOURLY For 60 hours--ROI (Return On Investment)--1.83%x60hours=109.8% per 2.5 days =217.6% per(30days) month =1511.2% per 12 months
So $10000 invest in Second plan will total return $151,120
3.Daily Plan 66% DAILY For 2 Days--ROI (Return On Investment)--66%x2 days=132% per 2 days =580% per(30days) month =5760% per 12 months
So $10000 invest in 66% daily plan will total return $576,000
The above rate of return includes capital
Yours Super Team
Best Regards

2019-04-16 23:57:44


Announcement on adjusting commission for direct refs

To prevent cheating on recommended commissions, we set the initial commission amount for the 25$-500$ investment to 0.3%-3%. The commission percentage for investments over 500 dollars is 3%-10%.

2019-02-15 05:10:12


Super Crypto LTD is launch officially!

We are glad to announce that Super Crypto Btc LTD open to the public today.Super Crypto LTD is an investment company specializing in financial currency exchange and crypto currency markets,which founded by highly qualified analysts.

Our company mission is to provide investors' sustainable returns and guarantee security of assets. All investors from worldwide are welcome to use our service.Join Super Crypto LTD, your future starts from now!

2019-01-09 07:30:04


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